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October 20-21, 2018 Spooky Nook Entertainment Complex

July 30, 2018 LilyDale Assembly

2 Classes

1. Discover Your Shamanic Aminal Totem for Healing & Guidance 9:30am-12:30 pm – Lyceum .

2. Beginner Meditation Course with Advanced Results 2:30-5:30 pm – Lyceum


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1. Find Your Shamanic Aminal Totem for Healing & Guidance

Your Animal Totem is your main animal guide who helps us improve our health and have more rewarding relationships and career. In this isolating society, totems help us feel more connected to ourselves and nature. Our connection to nature enhances our wellness, personal inner spiritual journey, and our psychic mediumship, and wisdom.
Learn to move the rain clouds away and make the sun shine. Part of the course will be indoors practicing guided visualization exercises and part of the course will be out in nature on the Fairy Trail.
This course is for you if you want to feel a deeper love connection with all of Mother Nature including human relationships. When we align with nature our life unfolds more easily and joyfully; alignment is following the Law of Attraction and opportunities drop into our laps. At the end of this course you should feel more a part of nature, feel more in the flow of life, calmer, and a part of nature’s family; and feel greater self-love, compassion, joy, and ecstasy in your life.

2. Beginner Meditation Course at Lily Dale Assembly NY Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart Method™.

Everyone Can Meditate! Feel results in 60 seconds or less. At home or ‘On the Go’.
Do you feel you cannot meditate because you’re unable to silence your mind? Do you want to feel more spiritually connected? Swami Tirtha distilled 40+ years of heart/energy-based meditation into a ‘quick-n-easy’ method so that everyone, including beginners, can enjoy meditating. Class participants often report feeling stress and emotional blocks dissolve in 60 seconds. Swami‘s unique heart-based meditation focus on a more vibrant quality of life with family and friends; right/left brain harmony; and discovering one’s life-dreams. For psychics and mediums quality meditation is the magical elixir to discover one’s deepest gifts.
Swami’s blended the best of ancient heart-based energy meditation from India and his shamanic heart-based energy healing system. “It’s easy to meditate and quickly experience benefits when you start from a place of love.” This course includes guided meditation exercises and small group practices. Advanced meditators also benefit from this course because they quickly experience the profound energy transformations they are seeking. Come and have some fun and laughs while experiencing energy and healing in this powerful workshop.
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“The moment I walked into your class I felt clarity. Within the first hour, I felt a shift that was simple and easy, realizing we all have this quick easy access to heal. With a few succinct words, the group was healing. I was receiving messages and by the end of class, my group had a shift in consciousness…Miracles and I even got an invitation for dinner from a family member that barely spoke to me for years. Truly miraculous. 
 I shared your Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath Meditation CD with a client this morning and taught her the instant healing you taught us in class. My session lasted 15 min instead of 45 because of what you taught. We both felt the healing and I was able to spend more time channelling her grandma. 
I am so grateful to know you. Thank you for all that you are and all that you are sharing. “
Marybeth Morrissey Intuitive Medium, 216-288-1904 – July 26, 2017